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Galleria Cavour Green Opening

Expo in Bologna can be found in Galleria Cavour alongside BolognaFiere: The project "Galleria Cavour Green" was lauched this morning by the Minister of Environment Galletti together with Councillor Lepore

Bologna, June 9, 2015 – Expo 2015 officially arrives in Bologna. This important initiative has been possible thanks to the collaboration between Galleria Cavour and BolognaFiere, Official Partner of Expo - where the thematic area of the Biodiversity Park and the Organic Pavilion was designed and implemented - with the support of Latifolia Group. The project has also been sponsored by the Municipality of Bologna, and supported by the Councilor of Economy and the Promoter of the city Matteo Lepore.

The project, as announced by the Minister of Environment, Gian Luca Galletti, is called "Galleria Cavour Green", and is a kind of Expo Off, that will be the protagonist, during the next six months, within one of the most attractive and popular locations of the old city.

Galleria Cavour (with a turnout of three million people a year and one of Europe’s highest standards boutiques), will put its visitors in the middle of a unique sensory experience, offering monthly, a different scenography composed by colors, scents, lights and with atmosphere strictly “green”, inspired precisely by the theme of Biodiversity Park in Milan.

It will be like a Bio-Tour of Italy, between the Alps, the Apennines, Po Valley, plateaus and gameboards, coasts and islands up to the urban biodiversity. Precious ornamental plants and original design elements will give a soul to the green areas: from the columns that separate the store windows of the most prestigious boutiques that follow the global luxury and “Made in Italy” concept, up to the common, areas.

The news do not end here. The "Green" project, in fact, marks the opening of Galleria Cavour towards the city and the beginning of a series of activities under the concept of Galleria Cavour Green (www.galleriacavourexperience.com), which intends to house projects and ideas, that promote and enhance the heritage and excellence of this incredible area, which is known and appreciated worldwide.

Apart from Minister Galletti, Alderman Lepore and the President of BolognaFiere Duccio Campagnoli, in the press conference, also took part the President of the National Academy of Agriculture Prof. Giorgio Cantelli Forti and the President of Ascom Bologna Enrico Postacchini; for Galleria Cavour the speakers were Paola Pizzighini Benelli, CEO of Athena s.r.l. and Guglielmo Garagnani, coordinator of "Galleria Cavour Green".

The set’s details, which change each month, have been expounded by the "creative" Gianluca Cristoni of Latifolia Group (landscaping professional) and the architect Fabio Fornasari, who created the Biodiversity Park at Expo Milano.

The Theatre of the press conference was the new space within Galleria Cavour Lounge, which represents an innovative service that helps to differentiate the offer compared to other destinations of luxury shopping. It is a multipurpose space dedicated to events, art, presentations, lectures and meetings, as well as a peaceful sanctuary for relaxation reserved for guests of the boutique. The Lounge is overlooking a landscaped roof garden, set up within a wonderful green atmosphere, which includes a small but remarkable botanical garden among the rooftops of Bologna. This botanical garden, is also a link to the Expo.

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