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Galleria Cavour Green is a project in collaboration with BolognaFiere and Latifolia Group in order for Bologna to be the protagonist in the most important event of the world, Expo 2015. BolognaFiere is an Official Partner of Expo, where was designed and implemented the thematic area of the Biodiversity Park and the Organic Pavilion at Expo 2015: an Off of the Biodiversity Park is proposed in Galleria Cavour. In addition to that, the municipal administration participates in Galleria Cavour Green through the Department of the Economy and the Promotion of the city, which has sponsored the project of the Municipality of Bologna and the brand "Bologna City of Food". The architectural and panoramic project has been realized by architect Fabio Fornasari with Lucilla Boschi.

Galleria Cavour Green was christianed by the Minister of Environment, Gian Luca Galletti.

With the initiative of Galleria Cavour Green, the boutiques of Galleria Cavour find themselves in the center of a multisensory extraordinary experience, offering as a backdrop the incredible biodiversity of Italian landscapes, with its colors, scents, lights and atmosphere (inspired precisely by what has been achieved at Expo by BolognaFiere). Besides the scenery, it is the leading organic food producer of the area, of which Bologna is the world capital.

In this way, the existing “Made in Italy” and International luxury companies within Galleria Cavour support and sustain the message of respect for the environment and sustainable luxury.


Galleria Cavour Green continues with the goal to be protagonist of the cultural and artistic activities in the wonderful Bologna, famous for being an international cultural leader. Art, culture and luxury interlace, while respecting high ethic values, among them a high environmental consciousness and an ethic centred on preserving our history and planet for future generations

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Galleria Cavour Green is a new way to live and experience Galleria Cavour. It is a collection of ideas and projects that contribute to the revitalization of the historic center of Bologna and its more innovative activities.



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