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Chopard welcomes Galleria Cavour Green

Bologna, June 10, 2015 - Yesterday, Tuesday, June 9, was presented the new project "Galleria Cavour Green" in Bologna: Chopard is the brand of Galleria Cavour which welcomed the project with more enthusiasm because of the similarities of its values and its DNA to issues concerning environment and nature. "Galleria Cavour Green" is in fact a kind of Expo Off in one of the most internationally renowned of the historic center of Bologna. With the project "Galleria Cavour Green", the boutique Galleria Cavour place themselves right in the center of a multisensory extraordinary experience, offering as a backdrop the incredible landscapes of the Italian biodiversity (taking inspiration from what has been achieved in Expo), with its colors, scents, lights and atmosphere. Besides the scenery, it is the leading organic food production of the area, of which Bologna is the capital in the world. In this way, the  “Made in Italy” companies and the international luxury brands that are found in Galleria Cavour promote a message of environmental awareness, respect and sustainable luxury.

Paola Pizzighini Benelli, CEO of Athena s.r.l. - Galleria Cavour claimed: "With this major project we respond to the request to make Galleria Cavour available to the city, as well as to offer new services to the demanding exclusive customers of the boutiques. With Chopard, I feel much affinity, because our project is perfectly in tune with the values of the Swiss brand regarding environmental, ecological and sustainability issues as well as respect for nature."

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Galleria Cavour Green is a new way to live and experience Galleria Cavour. It is a collection of ideas and projects that contribute to the revitalization of the historic center of Bologna and its more innovative activities.



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