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Events in 2015 in Galleria Cavour and in Galleria Cavour Lounge

Galleria Cavour Green promotes ideas and innovative events, developed in partnership with companies and organizations who are looking for spaces to accommodate and bring projects and people together, disseminate knowledge and appreciate excellence.

- 21.11.15: "In Between", Riccardo Romani exhibition

For the first time in Italy, the journalist, writer and photographer Riccardo Romani was protagonist of the vernissage "In Between", a worldwide trip of faces and stories between hope and desperation.  The vernissage was held during the "Glamour Night", organized in Bologna by the international magazine.  Romani has lived in New York and London and his reportage had been issued all around the world; he was "John Fante 2014" prize finalist with the book "Bad things don't exist".  Recently he founded the ducumentary producing company RobustoFilms, of which the Academy Awards winner Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity) is executive producer.  Soundtrack by Matteo Ceccarini - Giorgio Armani, Dior, Hermes and many others' sound designer 

- 19.11.15: Special Event "Bottega Conticelli": Luxury is not ostentation but sartoriality

One of the most remarkable leather artisan in the world, Stefano Conticelli, showed his new small leather collection, as Italian exclusive premiere for Galleria Cavour Green.  Pochettes, pocket-money, wallets, big woven baskets and the iconic Vespa, all of them realized with the unique tecnique of the Cuoio Ubriaco: the leather is kept submerged in wine for 28 days in a big barrel and then left in oak barrique.  During this period of time, it changes colour and becomes softer: the wine is Rosso Montiano Falesco   

- 03.11.15: White Truffle Night

A new, great event in honour if His Majesty the White Truffle, special product of Valsamoggia, on the Bologna Hills. More than 400 Guests had been the pleasure to taste truffle and wines, in an incredible scenary of forest. The aim was to mix and join the excellences of Bologna and create a yearly event, to give an impulse to the activities of the historical centre, following the great dynamic moment that recently is characterizing the city.  Organized by Galleria Cavour in collaboration with Appennino Food and ViviValsamoggia, the evening is endorsed by the Bologna and Valsamoggia municipalities and it celebrates a perfect year – November 4th, 2014 – from the finding, along the Savigno hills, of 1483, the fine white truffle sample that takes its name from the exceptional weight (kg 1,483) and awarded as Guinness Wold Record

- 30.09.15 - 03.10.15: Bologna Design Week (BDW)

For the first edition of Design Week Bologna, Galleria Cavour will be one of the focal points of the events that take place, simultaneously with Cersaie. In fact, this is where the headquarters of Info and Press Point (set up at the Spazio Gazziero) will be. The opening Press Conference will be held in Galleria Cavour too. Bologna thus, enters the international circuit of events dedicated to design thanks to the initiative of YOUTOOL // design out of the box, a network of professionals who want to bring the tradition of Bologna in the field of design and an operation of a powerful competitive regional marketing.

The BDW has the sponsorship of Expo Milano 2015, Emilia-Romagna Region and the Municipality of Bologna, which enforces its link with  the project Galleria Cavour Green

- 29.07.2015: Cultural event "Water and sport"

The series “ExpoinBo” is been continuing in the Galleria Cavour and in the Galleria Cavour Lounge.  As part of the collaboration with BolognaFiere, Official Partner of Expo, the turn of the theme "Water and sport" has now arrived.  The guests are: Claudio Fenucci, CEO of Bologna Football Club, other managers, team’s soccer players and football journalists. “Water and Sport” is one of the issues related to those of Milan Expo, of which BolognaFiere is Official Partner, and it is presented to the public as part of the activities of the Galleria Cavour Green project. The organizer of the event is BF Servizi in collaboration with Prof. Rosanna Ghetti and Chiara Poluzzi

- 29.07.2015: Cultural event "Bread and Literature"

With the organization of BF Servizi, the sponsorship of the University of Bologna and the coordination of Prof. Rosanna Ghetti, the following people have had discussions: Fabrizio Binacchi (Director, RAI Emilia Romagna), Prof. Gian Mario Anselmi (Professor of Italian Literature at the University of Bologna), Mons. Lino Goriup (Episcopal Vicar for Culture of the Church of Bologna), Marco Poli (historian). The title of the event, part of the series "ExpoinBo", is "Bread and Literature", and it is one of the issues directly related to those of Expo, and is in parallel dealt with, in Milan and Bologna. Interventions from young actors of the Drama School Colli of Emanuele Montagna also take place

- 09.06.2015: Press conference Opening of Galleria Cavour Green

The CEO of Athena s.r.l. - Galleria Cavour Paola Pizzighini Benelli and the President of BolognaFiere Duccio Campagnoli, are presenting to the city the project Galleria Cavour Green along with the Coordinator Guglielmo Garagnani. The speakers were the Minister for Environment Gian Luca Galletti, the Councillor of Economy and Promotion, Matteo Lepore, the President of the National Academy of Agriculture Giorgio Cantelli Forti, the President of Ascom Enrico Postacchini and the President of Latifolia Group Gianluca Cristoni

- June-October 2015: Galleria Cavour Green

A type of Expo Off in collaboration with Latifolia Group and BolognaFiere (Official Partner of Expo), where the Biodiversity Park and Pavilion Organic were created. Green atmosphere among the boutiques and the Galleria Cavour Gallery Lounge, where a small botanical garden in the roof garden has been set up

- 21.05.2015: Presentation of the new Golf GTE

Volkswagen has chosen the suggestive settings of Galleria Cavour and Galleria Cavour Lounge for the national launch premiere of the new Golf GTE with its innovative technology Plug-in Hybrid.

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