May 05

Visiting Moon: man’s footprint on the Moon makes flowers and plants grow at the “Giardini Margherita” and at Galleria Cavour

 Try to imagine Armstrong’s epic walk on the Moon 50 years ago…and today, on his footprints, flowers blooming and plants growing. Even now that 50 years have passed, up there, where it’s difficult to think about life, from Nature there’s a strong message of rebirth that wants us to imagine that flowers and plants are born on the Moon and then brought to Earth, at the Giardini Margherita in Bologna. This is the message of Visiting Moon, a garden created by Latifolia with the collaboration of Marchè Nomade. The garden is the allegoric impact that man has on the environment, staged in the heart of the biggest and lushest park in the city.  The project is by Fabio Fornasari and Lucilla Boschi, and it has been strongly wanted by Galleria Cavour Green, which keeps following its journey towards environmental sustainability and ideas to make this world a better place.

The innovative architect, already a creator of the Biodiversity Park at the Expo 2015, explains:  “In 1969 man has landed on the Moon, let’s imagine that with the journey the footprint of man has grown bigger and bigger, until life has started to flow transforming the sterile scenery of the Moon into a colorful and luscious one, full of flowers and plants. Visiting Moon is the journey to this phantasmagoria”.

The installment will take place from the 6th to the 8th of May inside the event “Giardini e Terrazzi” (“Gardens and Terraces”), which for 15 years has represented the most awaited spring event in the city and it’s known all over Italy. The Giardini Margherita, stage of the event, will be invaded by thousands of people, families and tourists alike, to celebrate this market-fair dedicated to plants, flowers, gardening products, home furniture, artistic handcraft and antique trade.

Visiting Moon will have a projection also inside Galleria Cavour, which will be flooded by cascades of wonderful flowers which will rimind of the Visiting Moon Garden. The date is Friday the 6th of May from 6pm to 8pm for an invitation-only cocktail which will be held in the Galleria Cavour Green Lounge with the collaboration of Laurent Perrier and DS Automobiles. For the ones who wish to visit the Visiting Moon Garden at the Giardini Margherita, our Courtesy Car is waiting for you!

@ GIARDINI MARGHERITA: From the 6th to the 8th of May the Visiting Moon Garden is competing.

Address: Piazzale Marco Jacchia


From the 6th to the 8th of May Visiting Moon installment.

On the 6th of May, from 6pm to 8pm cocktail invitation-only

In collaboration with: Laurent Perrier, DS Automobiles, Fuori Rosa Catering

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