A Greener Gallery

An explosion of azaleas, gerberas and calla lilies, with box tree pyramids in big white vases, will be the dominating theme. Green clouds and splashes of colours nestled in design objects will make your passage from one boutique to another cheerful and carefree.
As always, the arrangement aims not only at presenting fine and rare plants, but also to make the environment a better place, thanks to the plants’ beneficial characteristics. For example, the ferns are the plants used to purify the air and to renew the oxygen content.

Thanks to Latifolia for its creativity


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Galleria Cavour Green is a new way to live and experience Galleria Cavour. It is a collection of ideas and projects that contribute to the revitalization of the historic center of Bologna and its more innovative activities.



Address: Galleria Cavour, 40124 Bologna (BO)
Phone: 0039 051 22 68 89 - Email: info@galleriacavourgreen.com
VAT: 06520020014
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