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Galleria Cavour celebrates the “fine Valsamoggia White Truffle”


Bologna, November 3rd, 2015 – It is the presentation of the Emilia Romagna white gold: the White Truffle Night, an exclusive event that takes place today in Galleria Cavour, the Luxury Shopping place par excellence right in the heart of Bologna, that will host among its prestigious boutiques a unique jewel: the fine Valsamoggia White Truffle. Considered as one of the most famous fruits from a wonderful territory, both from a naturalistic point of view as per the quality of its products, the Valsamoggia truffle will be the principle ingredient of a great evening dedicated to history, culture and local culinary delicacies that renowned Chefs will cook. The aim is to mix and join the excellences of Bologna and create a yearly event, to give an impulse to the activities of the historical centre, following the great dynamic moment that recently is characterizing the city.

It is a clear sign also the participation of ten Arabian journalists that right this morning have landed in Bologna with the first Emirates flight from Dubai, to share their Bolognese experience with the whole area of the Gulf, a confirmation of the constant international touristic growth of the Region. Recent datas attest that the Emilia-Romagna touristic industry closes the first 9 months of 2015 with about 43,5 millions of visitors and an increase of 3,6% compared to last year (42 millions). This touristic flow finds in Bologna the main constituency, and in Galleria Cavour an excellence destination for the promotion of the entire area.

Organized by Galleria Cavour in collaboration with Appennino Food and ViviValsamoggia, the evening is endorsed by the Bologna and Valsamoggia municipalities and it celebrates a perfect year – November 4th, 2014 – from the finding, along the Savigno hills, of 1483, the fine white truffle sample that takes its name from the exceptional weight (kg 1,483) and awarded as Guinness Wold Record. A 3D reproduction of this truffle will be exhibited in Galleria Cavour in a special jewellery showcase that underlines its preciousness.

Galleria Cavour will propose for the occasion a poker of 5 famous Chefs: Belinda Cuniberti - La Zaira Winery from Bazzano; Paolo Parmeggiani - Trattoria del Borgo from Abbazia di Monteveglio; Stefano Parmeggiani - Trattoria dai Mugnai from Monteveglio; Gianni Cavola - Trattoria Magna e Bevi from  Savigno and the one star Alberto Bettini - Trattoria Amerigo 1934 from Savigno.

Each one of them will create a special course for the evening, surrounded by a specific thematic environment with live music and many surprises. Next to them the guests will meet the wine producers Federico Orsi - Vigneto San Vito from Oliveto - Monteveglio, Maurizio Vallona - Fattoria Vallona from Castello di Serravalle and Antonio Capelli - Corte D’Aibo - Monteveglio.

Last but not least, the 27 months old Parmigiano Reggiano will be offered by Tenuta Cà Selvatica from Crespellano.

The White Truffle Night will count on the attendance of illustrious guests and institutional representatives: among those, Alessandra Zambonelli - professor of the Università di Bologna and worldwide truffles expert - and discoverer of the first sample in the south hemisphere in Australia. Luigi Dattilo, CEO of Appenino Food, among the leader companies of the sector, will attend as the promoter of the success of the Valsamoggia truffle within international markets, where the product is

well known and appreciated for its authenticity (above all in USA and Japan), thanks to strict controls against counterfeiting.

A great occasion to make people discover the secrets and the peculiarities of the Valsamoggia truffle and the territory where it grows plentifully, as it has been recognized as the first Italian area for number of recorded truffle seekers: more than 25 thousand for the Emilian Region.

This place is still maybe not so well known, compared to the other Italian destination, but experts consider this truffle as a product of absolute excellence of the Bolognese territory. Italian Days, the young and dynamic agency dedicated to original and involving tours along Valsamoggia hills, will also offer, this evening, a Truffle Hunting demonstration.

The set up of the event in Galleria Cavour, by Latifolia Group, is inspired to the kind of plants and wood vegetation of the Bolognese hills, where the fine truffle grows. There will also be an installation  of the artist and scenographer Gino Pellegrini who, after 15 years in America working for the greatest Hollywood Majors (he took place in movie productions Mutiny of the Bounty, Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds, Mary Poppins, 2001: A Space Odyssey, West Side Story), dedicated also important creations to the Valsamoggia truffle.

For all the truffle enthusiasts, the appointment is in Valsamoggia, among the hills aroung the Emilian Regional Capital, where until January 8th, 2016, for the celebration of the “100 days of the fine white truffle” with tasting of typical wines and various events, as the traditional vintage and antiquities markets.

Galleria Cavour

Born in the Fifties from the idea of families Pizzighini-Benelli and Sassoli de’ Bianchi, owners of the continguous areas that had been bombed during the II World War, Galleria Cavour is one of the most important places for luxury shopping in Europe. Together with the Milanese Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Galleria Cavour is the only covered one and it has been able to rank in the highest level of fashion luxury, at the same place of Roma and Milan. It greets over three million guests every year.


Appennino Food

Born from a small artisanal laboratory, Appennino Funghi e Tartufi reached an important goal by realizing a new and modern building and becoming today Appennino Food S.p.A.. The company thought to dedicate the historical brand to its own leading truffle- and mushroom-base line. From the heart of Bologna hills, one of the most renowned truffle zones, Appennino Food S.p.A. , distributes in Italy and foreign countries the best quality fresh truffles. The care in selecting and processing the best raw materials, the love and respect for the territory, the passion and experience in the “world” of truffle made of Appennino Food S.p.A. a reference point for the best national and international restaurant industry and for the more exigent food industry

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