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Luigi Borrelli: the great Neapolitan sartorial history lands in Galleria Cavour

The great Neapolitan sartorial history lands in galleria Cavour. Not only: thanks to Luigi Borrelli, sartorialism, a very exclusive, niche and everlasting sector of fashion, arrives also in the poshest space of Bologna, Galleria Cavour.

Since 1928 in fact, this brand produces unique pieces following  a tradition which is passed on from generation to generation.  In 1957 the founders’ inheritance gave way to the Luigi Borrelli Maison, that fascinated everyone with its quality and its sartoriality.

Made-to-measure shirts, suits, jackets and ties are made even more unique by the handmade stitchings. The brand has always been an evergreen, it was worn even by Vittorio Emanuele IV, which registered the Borrelli Maison as an official supplier of the Royals (the Maison was registered as “Supplier n 16”).

Born as a producer of upscale shirts, the Maison offers the total look (from made-to-measure shirts to handmade stitched jeans and ties) in all its boutiques, both in Italy and abroad.  The brand’s arrival in Galleria Cavour demonstrates also a new stage in Luigi Borrelli’s international expansion.

The choice of welcoming Luigi Borrelli’s in the Galleria Cavour Green environment reflects the vision of pursuing excellence in the fields of fashion, luxury, design and food, a vision which attracted the public attention and in the last months has led to many new and interesting openings.

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